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The TrapBag® is a low cost quickly deployed self erecting Flood Barrier Bag  to protect from natural disasters such as a Flash Flood, beach erosion, mudslides, storm surge and levee breaching. TrapBag® specializes in Giant celluler sandbag flood protection barriers, beach erosion barriers, security barriers, check dams, cofferdam, dredge basins, storm surge protection, and super silt fences.

TrapBag® Bag Barriers are inventoried in our Worldwide Stock Locations. TrapBag® Cellular Barrier sandbag System may be the answer you are looking for before and after a natural disasters strikes. The TrapBag Barrier is the fastest erecting flood control and erosion control product on the market today. TrapBag's flood control products and beach erosion products are extremely cost effective which provide safety and is fully test by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) and has been approved for payment by FEMA.

Remember we may not always be able to predict.  However we can always be prepared!

TrapBag stackable barrier USACE, FEMAtrapbag MSE gravity wallTrapBag US army corp flood control barrier bag


The TrapBag® Barrier is a series of pentagon shaped sandbags bags that are sloped on one side, vertical on the opposite side and open at the top for filling. Each of the cells are connected side by side like an accordion each cell having a common wall with the next cell, they are collapsed during storage and deployment. The cells are made of high strength textile, and when disposed is 100% recyclable, so it is green friendly. Each of the cells are self-contained yet relying on the next cell for added strength. If one of the sandbag cells is compromised, it will not affect the rest of the barrier, which will remain standing Strong.

For more information about how TrapBag Barriers will help with your coastal erosion, beach erosion, riverene erosion and flood control or to learn more about TrapBag please call (239) 229-5285.






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