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U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Tested Flood and Erosion Control Barrier Systems,TrapBag®

TrapBag® Barrier Systems are a continuous cellular containment barrier used wherever prevention and protection from natural disasters and man-made disasters are required.

TrapBag barriers are the perfect solution for rapidly deployable barriers to provide  flood protection, erosion control, mudslide redirection, debris flow redirection and prevention, environmental pollution control, plus many other uses such as coffer dams, check dams, super silt fences, retaining walls  and numerous other applications. These application are of especially significant concern for those who live or have businesses near rivers and other large bodies of water. Riverbanks, levees and coastlines are being destroyed by coastal wave erosion and the ever-present danger of flooding from snow melt, storms. heavy rain, tropical systems plus typhoons and hurricanes.

Those that live in elevated terain now have a great product to respond to flash flooding. TrapBag containment systems have become the protection and prevention barrier of choice for governments, businesses, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and others who need a cost-effective proven system that is rapidly deployable to their location.



TrapBag® barrier systems

TrapBag® Barrier Systems are stored in our 3 Worldwide Stock Locations for fast delivery anywhere in the world. Wherever you are , the  TrapBag Cellular Barrier System may be the answer you are looking for before and after a natural disasters strikes. The TrapBag Barrier is the fastest deployable Flood and erosion control product on the market today.  The TrapBag cellular barrier system is an extremely cost effective product that provides safety and peace of mind to those that have deployed it  for their own protection and fully test by the U.S Army Corp of Engineers (USACE).

Remember we may not always be able to predict however we can always be prepared !!!!

For more information about how TrapBag Barriers will help with your coastal, riverene erosion and flood control.  Please call to learn more about TrapBag  from  Sentinel Barriers (239) 229-5285.


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