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Friday October 30

FEMA ,USACE self erecting flood control barrier,sandbags

  What is Flood Mitigation? Flood mitigation is the way communities provide protection. Hazard mitigation…

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Tuesday September 01

TrapBag Barriers Can Be Used To Help Prevent and redirect Mud Slides

“Once the anchors are in place, you drive large nails into them to stabilize the…

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Wednesday May 20

Home TrapBag Flash Flood Barrier Bags

TrapBag® offers a simple and inexpensive way to defend your life and property from water-based disasters.…

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Wednesday May 20

TrapBag® Product Description

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION TrapBag® is a low cost, rapid deploy flood and erosion control barrier bag…

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For more information about how TrapBag barriers will help fight erosion, protect against flooding and about our ability to respond urgently to natural & man-made disasters throughout the USA & internationally, call us today (239) 229-5285!

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