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Flood & Erosion Protection



TrapBag® News

Friday October 30

FEMA ,USACE self erecting flood control barrier,sandbags

What is Flood Mitigation? Flood mitigation is the way communities provide protection. Hazard mitigation…

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Tuesday September 01

TrapBag Barriers Can Be Used To Help Prevent and redirect Mud Slides

“Once the anchors are in place, you drive large nails into them to stabilize the…

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Tuesday September 01

TrapBag Cellular Barriers Work To Create Debris Basins And Deflection Berms TrapBag Barriers Are Designed…

Debris flows are hazardous because of their poor predictability, high impact forces, and ability to deposit large…

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Monday August 31

TrapBag flood barriers Protect US Highway FEMA USDOT IDOT

TrapBag, A flood barrier keeps the Missouri River floodwaters from inundating Highway 30 just outside…

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Tuesday July 28

Palm Beach request requests $15 million from State of Florida for erosion control

Daily News Staff Writer Every year the town asks the state for thousands, sometimes millions,…

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Friday May 22

FOX-TV Covers TrapBag® Barriers' New Technology

TrapBag® flood barrier systems are a continuous cellular containment barrier used wherever prevention and protection…

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Friday May 22

News in Fargo, N.D. TrapBag® Barriers on Valley

TrapBag® flood barrier Bag systems are a continuous cellular containment barrier used wherever prevention and…

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Wednesday May 20

TrapBag® Product Description

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION TrapBag® is a low cost, rapid deploy flood and erosion control barrier bag…

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